Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy
Amazon Bestseller | 5-Star Rating | No-Nonsense Guide to Twitter Marketing
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Discover the Secrets to Making Money With Twitter!

Not sure how to navigate your way through all those tweets, follows and hashtags to boost your marketing efforts?

Want to know how to use Twitter to spread your message, build your brand...and make some frickin' moolah?

Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to this profitable (though often frustrating) social network?

Worry not! Because in "Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy" you'l find out:

• How to (Really) Make Money With Twitter
• The Best and Worst Times to Tweet
• The Keys to a Perfect Profit-Generatin' Tweet
• How to Make Money With Contests, Twit Streams and Twitter Q&As;
• Insider Strategies for Creating Profitable Twitter Ads

…and so much more!

And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Twitter marketing game - without taking a single $2,000 online course.

So, why not begin your quest to Twitter marketing!


Michael Clarke is a former corporate cubicle drone, turned social media strategist. He is the founder/editor of Punk Rock Marketing magazine and is the author of more than 8 books on social media marketing.


Prologue: What Am I Gonna Do With 140 Characters, Anyway?

Chapter 1: A Beginner's Guide to a Very Strange Tool

Chapter 2: How to Make Money With Twitter

Chapter 3: 4 Keys to a Kick-Ass Twitter Profile

Chapter 4: Yeah, But What the Hell Do I Tweet About?

Chapter 5: The Best (and Worst) Times to Tweet

Chapter 6: Art of the Perfect Tweet

Chapter 7: How to Get a Million Followers in 24 Hours

Chapter 8: Contests, TweetChats and Live Streams...Oh My!

Chapter 9: The Strange (and Sometimes Profiitable) World of Twitter Ads

Chapter 10: Setting It All on AutoPilot


This book doesn't contain any "fluff". It gets straight to the point and stays there. Because of its straight to the point manner, this book contains a lot more information than a normal 77 paged book would. -Mark