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More About This Title Bundu


A classic Afrikaans novel full of romance, adventure, and compassion, translated for the first time into English

In a place near Mozambique, drought is causing devastation. Hosts of desperate natives seek refuge in a forgotten outpost, an underresourced clinic run by a small group of volunteers and courageous nuns. But the human flow soon becomes too much for them, and there is no help from outside. Within the small isolated community, a plan takes shape that is as outrageous as it is inspired—a last bid to acquire more supplies. This tale is about the people and the animals of Africa in the heights of their beauty and the depths of their despair. It is a love story and a meditation on the mystery of our powers and the limitations that we share with our brothers, the animals.


Chris Barnard is a former journalist who has published 30 books, including novels, plays, short stories, film scripts, and childrens books. In 2012 he was recipient of the Department of Arts and Culture' South African Literary Awards (SALA) for lifetime achievement. Michiel Heyns is the author of The Children's Day. His translation of the acclaimed novel Agaat won the Sol Plaatje Award for Translating and the South African Translators' Institute Award for a Literary Translation, and was shortlisted for the Best Translated Book Award in the U.S.


"Love, intrigue, and a keep observation of human treachery and human hope fill the pages. Translated from the Afrikaans into a flowing, nicely placed English, this should appeal to those seeking a different viewpoint that still resonates as deeply human." —Booklist"Compact, colourful, freighted with great issues but written with pace and grace, Bundu should introduce UK readers to a giant of African fiction. Chris Barnard helped lead the Sixties revival of literature in Afrikaans, yet the South African veteran's latest novel reveals an author at the height of his powers."  —The Independent