North Wales Folk Tales for Children

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Celebrated storyteller Fiona Collins has collected the best-loved stories from the misty, magical mountains, rushing rivers and green rolling hills of North Wales. In this treasure trove of tales you will meet dragons, giants, wizards, witches, and monsters – and of course the Tylwyth Teg, which is the Welsh name for the fairies. Retelling each story in her engaging style, Fiona presents humorous tales, clever tales, and enchanting fairy tales, which will be particularly enjoyed by young readers who wish to be transported to a parallel world of magic and adventure.


Fiona Collins has been a storyteller for twenty-five years, collecting and telling traditional tales from around the world. She especially loves the stories of North Wales, where she lives and works, telling stories and writing books. An established History Press author, this is Fiona’s first book for children for more than fifteen years, and we reckon it has been worth waiting for!