How to Think Like Mandela

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Nelson Mandela was one of the few men in recent history who genuinely changed the world—how we think about our place in society among other ethnic, political, and religious groups and how perseverance, moral conscience, and honest dialogue can help us achieve anything. Throughout his long life, he faced struggles against odds and opposition many of us can only begin to understand, was imprisoned for decades for his beliefs, yet ultimately stood by them and saw them vindicated by a nation. How to Think Like Mandela teaches us how he accomplished his achievements, his methods, his speeches, the many forms of opposition, both peaceful and non-peaceful, that he employed to reach his ends and why he fought in the way he did. Comprehensive and informative, this is the ideal book for admirers of this great man.


Daniel Smith is a non-fiction author and editor who has written across a range of subjects, including politics, economics, and social history. He is the author of How to Think Like Steve Jobs, How to Think Like Sherlock, Is Their Alot Wrong with this Centence?, and other books.