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A collection of poems - some long, some short, some haiku - that I have written on various subjects over the years. They range from serious to funny, covering subjects from the everyday to philosophy or the abstract. Some are snippets from the lives of imaginary characters or just ideas or reflections on nature. The book is structured under eight themes: figures; nature; abstracts; love; haiku; creatures; childhood and dark wave.


The book is structured under eight theme chapters: figures; nature; abstracts; love; haiku; creatures; childhood and dark wave.


Reviews on Amazon:

"This poet loves playing with words and often the sound of the words seems more important than the meaning. Yet all the poems make perfect sense and are easy to understand. I liked the contrast between the light and dark poems and enjoyed reading about all the beauty we find in the world." (The Rebecca Review)

"When a new poet gives evidence of a language as fresh as this then we can expect much more. And though the book is only poems long, it is gratefully full of imaginings and observings such as this, moments that make us pause long enough to look around and remember the magic. She seems to be less concerned with shocking her reader than with embracing - with all the talent she has to share. This is refreshingly talented writing." (Grady Harp)

Reviews on Smashwords:

"Great poems, all beautifully and thoughtfully written." (AP)

"This is a book of many poems, each broken up into 'chapters' or subjects, such as 'love' or 'nature' etc. Now, I will be honest & say I don't generally like poetry but I was given the opportunity to read this & as I enjoyed a previous book by this author I thought I would give them a chance. I went in with an open mind and I am so glad I did. Wow! This author writes beautiful words. I enjoyed each & every poem, I found myself turning page after page to read the next & the next. More of the same please! Such a talented writer." (Wistfulskimmie)

"Thoughtful and evocative. Covers a wide range of topics and even makes the mundane daily commute interesting! Good to dip in and out of. I particularly like Pine Needles." (Carlyl)