53 Interesting Things to Do in Your Lectures

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Tried and tested tips for creating dynamic lectures and presentations that students will remember

Lectures remain a staple form of teaching in higher and professional education, yet presenting doesn't come naturally to most people. This handbook provides practical suggestions, each tried and tested, for developing effective lectures and presentations across all disciplines. The authors cover the full presentation process, from structuring the lecture to use of illustrations and technology, techniques to attract and sustain student attention, active learning strategies, and dealing with questions. Whether one is new to lecturing and training and eager to develop good presentation technique, or more experienced and looking to expand an established repertoire, this handy guide offers plenty of helpful ideas.


Anthony Haynes has been visiting professor at Hiroshima University and Beijing Normal University. Karen Haynes is director of The Professional and Higher Partnership. Graham Gibbs was professor at the Oxford Learning Institute at the University of Oxford. Sue Habeshaw and Trevor Habeshaw lectured at the University of Western England.