The Macular Degeneration Source Book

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Make Better Treatment Choices by Being Informed… 
If you’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration, you’re probably anxious and full of questions. You wonder how much your eyesight will deteriorate. How will the disease be treated? Will you still be able to do the things you’re accustomed to doing?
Author Bert Glaser, M.D., an eye surgeon who has treated thousands of patients, understands the kinds of questions you have about macular degeneration. He also knows that informed patients make better treatment choices, and optimal treatment may slow the progression of the disease. In The Macular Degeneration Source Book, Dr. Glaser and co-author Lester Picker offer answers to many commonly asked questions, including those on treatment. Among the other topics covered:
      •  Symptoms and causes of macular degeneration
      •  How the disease is diagnosed
      •  Emotional impact of macular degeneration
      •  Choosing the right physician
      •  Newest treatment options – drugs and surgical techniques
      •  Ways to slow progression of the disease
      •  Importance of nutrition and general health
      •  How to adapt the home and workplace to be “eye friendly”
A Valuable Resource for Patients and Families!


Bert Glaser, MD, is an internationally respected retinal surgeon, having pioneered some of today’s most cutting-edge laser treatments for macular degeneration, surgical repair of macular holes, and techniques to diagnose and treat many other diseases of the retina. He is a former professor of ophthalmology and director of vitreoretinal research at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and is currently chairman and director of the Glaser Murphy Retina Treatment Centers of Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC.