What Kate Did Next

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Meet Kate Cavendish—housewife and mother of two—as she dips her toes back into the workforce while trying to juggle kids, a work-obsessed husband, lust for her son's soccer coach, and much, much more. Her husband's a workaholic, her kids are growing up, and now it's time for Kate to follow some of her own dreams. It seems like only yesterday that Kate was one of the most well-regarded photographers in town. So how, she wonders, did her life come to consist of so much drudgery, not to mention dealing with a recalcitrant, eye-rolling teenage daughter and an often-absentee husband. And why oh why did her young son have to score such a distractingly gorgeous soccer coach? We follow Kate's hilarious and heartfelt journey as she heads back to work and starts to fantasize about getting her life back, including some of the glamour and fun.


Lisa Heidke has written for Bride to Be and Practical Parenting.