Treblinka Survivor

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The story of a man who survived Treblinka, to be haunted by his memories for 50 years—and ultimately, to be killed by them More than 800,000 people entered Treblinka and fewer than 70 came out. Hershl Sperling was one of them. He escaped. Why then, 50 years later, did he jump to his death from a bridge in Scotland? The answer lies in a long-forgotten, published account of the Treblinka death camp, written by Hershl Sperling himself in the months after liberation, discovered in his briefcase after his suicide, and reproduced here for the first time. Including previously unpublished photographs, this book traces the life of a man who survived five concentration camps, and details what he had to do to achieve this. Hershl's story, from his childhood in a small Polish town to the bridge in faraway Scotland, is testament to the lasting torment of those very few who survived the Nazis' most efficient and gruesome death factory. The author personally follows in his subject's footsteps from Klobuck, to Treblinka, to Glasgow.


Mark S. Smith is an American journalist based in Scotland. He is the author of the novel Masel and the deputy business editor of the Herald.


"Extremely well-written . . . an important and authentic historical account of one of the great horrors of the Holocaust."  —"Sperling's stark description of unspeakable events is filled out by the author in a superb and horrifying account...Treblinka Survivor is a must-read."  —Historical Novels Review