Ireland's Invasion of the World

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A comprehensive but concise study of the Irish Diaspora—packed with little known and intriguing facts about the impact Irish migrants have had on world history

Did you know that the Irish Diaspora is currently estimated to be over 100 million people? That's 15 times the current population of Ireland. In America alone there are 40 million who claim Irish descent and Irish people have moved to all corners of the world—the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, France, etc. They scattered not as colonizers but involuntary immigrants, notably slaves, and famine refugees, but each person played an important part of the host country. This book provides an overview of Irish immigrants in five continents—who fought wars, formed societies, shaped cultures, created new identities, and made history.


Miki Garcia is an American-Irish journalist and author. Her previous publications include The Irish in San Francisco after the Gold Rush and All about Ireland.