Eating for Victory

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Food rationing was introduced in England in January 1940 after supply ships were attacked by German U-boats. The first food items to be rationed were butter, sugar, bacon, and ham, though restrictions were also eventually placed on meat, fish, jam, biscuits, cheese, eggs, and milk. In response, the Ministry of Food produced a series of "Eating for Victory" pamphlets that advised the general public on how to cope with these shortages. Designed to lift spirits in a time of shortage, these jolly leaflets contained a variety of recipes and cooking advice ranging from how to make steamed and boiled puddings and hints on how to reconstitute dried eggs. For all the hardship that rationing brought, the food restrictions resulted in many people eating more healthily than ever before. A nostalgic look back at one of the most difficult and yet healthiest times in history, this quaint collection is also a relevant guide to good eating today.


Jill Norman is a noted chef and the author of The Cook's Book and Herb and Spice.