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More About This Title Bulletproof


The life of Lance Corporal Matt Croucher, a Royal Marine with 40 Commando, is a life of bullets, blood, and loyalty, of lives saved and lives taken. A raw recruit at 19, he was one of the first 200 Allied soldiers to invade Iraq as part of an elite force of British Marines and US Special Forces in 2003. In 2004, he suffered a fractured skull following a roadside bomb attack, only to return the action just a week later. After that he was stationed in hellish Afghanistan, where his actions made him the only living recipient of the George Cross Award—a distinction bestowed only on those who perform acts of great heroism or conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger. Croucher has seen vicious fighting, intense gun battles, roadside ambushes, and witnessed the death and injury of close colleagues on an almost daily basis. This is his incredible story: a searing, vivid, non-stop account of one man’s heroism and courage under fire, in the most grueling combat environment since the Second World War.


Matt Croucher GC served two tours with the Marines in Iraq before becoming a reservist and returning to Iraq as a private security contractor with the United Nations. He rejoined the Royal Marines for a tour of duty in war-torn Afghanistan in September 2007.