Interdisciplinary Approaches to Twilight

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More About This Title Interdisciplinary Approaches to Twilight


With contributions from various experts, this is an interdisciplinary approach to the global phenomenon that is the Twilight series, which has evolved well beyond the novels by Stephenie Meyer. This anthology contains in-depth film analyses, gender perspectives, economic and literary studies of the book market, and several articles on fans and fandom as well as contributions investigating vampire fiction traditions and vampire religious beliefs. A theoretically well-founded study, this volume maps the contemporary cultural experience surrounding Twilight and discusses multiple themes, such as fear of aging, vampire ethics and the cross-generational appeal.


Mariah Larsson is senior lecturer and the program coordinator of the master's program in sexology at Malmö University in Sweden and is the coauthor of Swedish Film: An Introduction and a Reader. Her work has been published in various journals, including Intellect Ltd. Ann Steiner is a lecturer in literary studies and publishing studies at Lund University in Sweden. Her research focuses mainly on contemporary book trade as well as the relationship between literature and digital technology.