The Wings of Angels

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Plumbing the depths of human experience in her journey into madness, Sandy Jeffs shares her experience in this collection of poetry reminiscent of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. With stark dignity and intense fear, these poems cross into a realm where nightmares wrestle with dreams, death by devouring is a way station, and the underworld becomes a tourist destination. In the midst of this darkness, Jeffs's leavening sense of humor peoples her descent with the sirens of the supermarket, a high-tech, technicolor Armageddon, and a modern Cerberus with three heads: Ken, Barbie, and Ronald McDonald. Written with great insight into the experience of madness, this collection will intrigue all readers with an interest in the wayward workings of the mind.


Sandy Jeffs is the author of four previous collections of poetry, Blood Relations, Diary of a Mid-week Lady, A Kangaroo Loose, and Poems from the Madhouse. She is the recipient of the FAW Anne Elder Award. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on mental health, and she also speaks at schools about her experience with schizophrenia.


"Sandy Jeffs powerfully creates madness as cultural institution and social inscape. . . . Her argument is at once ravishingly intimate and brilliantly convincing." —Kerry Leves, Overland, on Poems from the Madhouse

"Jeffs confronts the reader with the marginalized position of the insane within language and thus within historical and social consciousness. . . . [These are] poems of courage which testify to her faith in the integrating power of art." —Susan Schwartz, Australian Book Review on A Thesaurus of Madness
"A series of poems with a theatrical quality that is haunting in its exposure of the ritualistic violence perpetrated in the family home. . . . These poems emerge like flowers on top of boiling water." —Jeltje, Five Bells, The Magazine of the Poets Union, on Blood Relations