Hedgerow and Wildlife

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Hedgerows are one of the richest sources of wildlife in Britain. They have evolved over centuries, and their importance is still vital today. This book offers an insight into the hedgerow wildlife—how they have developed and been managed, how to identify different types, and what plants, birds, insects, and small mammals can be found inside. A mixed hedge containing species such as elder, blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel, wild cherrry, and field maple, is a refuge for wildlife—the brimstone and peacock butterflies; long-tailed tits, wrens, hedge sparrows, black birds, and chaffinches; bankvoles and wood mice; and of course the seven-spot ladybird. The plant life is equally as rich—the dog rose, the common violet, bluebell, garlic mustard, and the hartstongue fern. This quintessential part of the English landscape can be enjoyed all the more with this little guide to the wildlife wonders inside the hedgerows.


Jane Eastoe is a garden designer, horticulturalist, journalist, and author ofGood Housekeeping Herb Book, Hen Keeping, Home-Grown Fruit, and Wild Food.