Fabulous Fascinators
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Award-winning milliner Kerry Aston's love for fascinators first began with a visit, many years ago, to Royal Ascot in the UK. The array of fabulous, intricate and wonderful hats and fascinators was just too tempting, and she just had to learn how to create her own. So she took it up as a hobby. From day one she was hooked - after just two lessons she had created her very first fascinator (that's how easy fascinators can be!) But if you'd told her back then that she'd become an award-winning milliner with her fascinators featured in Vogue, showcased on the catwalk and worn at Royal Ascot, she'd have said you were out of your mind! Fascinators have never been more popular, and this book is a wonderful introduction to their creation. Once you've mastered the simple basic techniques, you'll go on to create your own unique style - the range you can make is absolutely infinite and only limited by your imagination. Each project starts with a gorgeous photo of the fascinator being worn, and then lists the tools and materials you'll need to make it. This is followed by a complete set of step-by-step instructions, illustrated with detailed photographs taken along the way. And finally Kerry shows a handful of other similar-but-different fascinators, where she's just tweaked some of the methods, sizes or embellishments to give a fascinator with a very different feel.