Intimacy & Solitude

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The author of Choosing Happiness reveals how in order to meet a desire for rewarding relationships, we must first start with ourselves

This book allows us to understand our relationships with others through a deepened and more self-accepting relationship with ourselves. Why do we behave as we do, if it doesn't get us what we want? Can we balance our needs for closeness and for independence? Can we understand our emotional history and go beyond it? How do we negotiate our needs with those of other people? Can we become the lover, partner, or friend we long to be? Gay, straight, old, young; we want our relationships to "work." Through a variety of moving, personal stories, a rare breadth of well-founded ideas, and her own inspiring belief in the rewards of love, Stephanie Dowrick shows how possible it is to experience the pleasures of self-acceptance—and the lasting joy of satisfying connections with others.


Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, is the author of Choosing Happiness, Creative Journal Writing, In the Company of Rilke, and Intimacy and Solitude. Formerly a publisher and also a trained psychotherapist, she writes and teaches on a variety of spiritual, psychological, and ethical issues. She was ordained in 2005 as an Interfaith Minister.