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Presenting a completely original concept in dealing with anxiety, any time, any place, anywhere, without mumbo jumbo, drugs, or lifestyle gurus, this book is for everyone who wants to arrive at an interview fresh and calm, receive pain-free dentistry, fly without fear, drive through the pouring rain on a dark night on a major motorway without anxiety, or who just loves solving ciphers, writing stories, or building specific playlists. It contains more than 100 strategies for self-distraction whenever nerves threaten to strike or just to while away a boring hour or two waiting for a plane or train. It includes Sudoku, Kakuro, Da Vinci Code–like quests and other completely original ways to creatively distract your own attention and use your brain to beat nerves, and provides some useful tips for dealing with an anxious situation.


Gabrielle Mander is the author of Diversion: For Doldrum Days and Wan2tlk?Ltl Bk of Txt Msgs.