Assessing and Mitigating Business Risks in India
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More About This Title Assessing and Mitigating Business Risks in India


This book outlines India's opportunities and challenges in progressive stages and allows for a meaningful analysis of the risks posed. First, it provides the background to understanding India and sets the stage by highlighting the economic, legal and cultural variances that exist. This is necessary to understand the complexity that is India. The potential markets are then discussed focusing on the growth sectors, MNEs, the upper, middle and lower income segments, and regions and cities where growth is taking place. Next are presented the various pitfalls and obstacles that are frequently faced when operating in India. These can not only increase risk, lead to costly delays, involve lengthy litigation and payment of bribes, aggravate and frustrate, but may even result in total loss of investments. Keys to success are provided. Guidelines are also provided in selecting partners and appointing representatives, as well as the negotiating techniques that work in India. Finally, the book provides a comprehensive list of web resources to help the reader explore further, and connect with government and private sector bodies.


Fairfield, CT; Associate professor of international business at the John F. Welch College of Business; Sacred Heart University