Out of Office

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Based over 10 days, Christian Hook finds his life spiraling into freefall—abstinence broken, marriage disintegrating, family fallout, and missing in action at work. Set in a troubled London, living with the regular planted bombs failing for the time being, Christian finds himself being drawn into a world of violence, racism, and terrorism. As the spiral continues, he cannot help himself being pulled further in to this dangerous underworld, and is not sure he would want to stop even if he could.


Mark Liam Piggott is  the author of Fire Horses and Out of Office, and his short stories and poems have been published in anthologies, magazines, and websites including Pulp Books, Aesthetica, and 3AM. He writes for Private Eye and the Home Defence satire blog, and as a journalist has had dozens of features published in Cosmopolitan, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, and the Times.