Art Models Photoshoot AnaIv Motion Session

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Try new techniques, get in some practice time, or work on a finished piece with this collection of Art Models pose photos for a fraction of the price of hiring a model or buying individual poses. These collections of poses from individual Art Models Photoshoots are a cost effective way to collect all the poses from favorite models and modeling sessions. Scale, rotate, flip, enlarge, brighten, darken and even combine images using standard photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. Because the photos are presented in JPEG format, they can be sent to any device or printer. The AnaIv Motion Session presents a motion Photoshoot with Art Models’ AnaIv, an athletic female model. Includes poses not photographed in rotation and from two different sessions. Motion takes place on the floor in standing or rolling poses and in the air, which shows the body in positions not easily achievable on the ground. These photos allow an artist to work with poses that just could not be held in a live modeling session; a great action reference! Some poses can be grainy and others may appear blurry due to the camera settings required to capture action. A preview of all the poses can be seen in the Sessions page of the website.


Douglas Johnson was self taught in computer science and became a Research and Development engineer in his early twenties without a college degree. After several years, he left engineering to attend university where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics with a Concentration in Physics, graduating Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors) in just 3 years. While finishing the degree, he began photographing art models for a side project that was intended to be used by sculptors. Because it was for sculptors, the models were photographed on a rotating platform. He eventually formed a publishing company, Live Model Books, to bring collections of these photos to the public. That has become the "Art Models" project and includes hardcover book, disk, and e-book publishing as well as several websites that give artists access to figure photos