The Smart Guide to Biology

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From single cells to large, complex ecosystems, the major topics in biology are covered by expert Anne Maczulak in this enjoyable guide. As they work their way through the book, readers are introduced to the structure of the cells that make up the human body; microorganisms, fungi, algae, protists, and plants and animals; the principles of genetics; the body’s major tissues, organs, and systems; the body’s biochemistry; and ecology and ecosystems. The Smart Guide to Biology reveals the relevance of biology to everyday life by explaining how the body works and uses food; how people fit into food chains; how nutrients are cycled through the air, soil, water, and the human body; and how stress affects the body’s normal functioning, among other topics.


Anne Maczulak is the author of more than 10 books on biology and ecology, including Allies and Enemies: How the World Depends on Bacteria, The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths About Germs, The Smart Guide to Fighting Infections, and The Smart Guide to Nutrition. She has contributed to articles on germophobia in Psychology Today and has been a regular guest on television and radio, speaking to viewers about the good and bad microbes that lurk in households. As a regular guest expert on Martha Stewart Living Radio, she answers questions on disinfectants, infection, food-borne germs, and other topics. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.