Collins World Atlas: Reference Edition

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More About This Title Collins World Atlas: Reference Edition


A new, fully updated edition of this popular atlas in the stylish and authoritative Collins world atlas range. Designed in the distinctive Collins style, it is the ideal reference atlas for school, home and business use. This is a great value world atlas with more place names and mapping than any other atlas at this price.

Discover more about our world, continent by continent, with this Collins World Atlas, which has been brought fully up-to-date to reflect all recent changes. The highly detailed yet clear and accessible maps give balanced worldwide coverage, and the atlas includes beautifully illustrated thematic pages. Also includes maps of the world's physical features, details of all the world's states and territories, a map of world’s time zones, internet links and thousands of facts and key world statistics, including world and continental ranking tables, to enhance your knowledge of the world today.

• Highly detailed reference maps, beautifully illustrated thematic pages and the latest facts and statistics.
• 32 pages showing the latest topical global issues, including climate and weather, population, urbanization and environment.
• Detailed section showing key statistics, description and flags for every country in the world.
• Section showing stunning satellite images.
• Special section listing all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in each continent with location maps.
• Detailed index to over 80,000 place names.

In short, this Collins World Atlas presents a complete view of the world, bringing it to life through innovative maps, stunning images and detailed content. It offers an exciting perspective on how the planet is made up, how it looks and how it works.