Inter-Art Journey

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In honor of Eli Rozik, PhD, professor emeritus, former head of the department of theater studies, and dean of the faculty of arts at Tel Aviv University, this collection provides overviews of theoretical issues that include the likelihood of the arts reflecting common grounds, the necessity of a shared metalanguage, the possibility of intermedial translation, and the intermedial coexistence within a single work of art, without hindering the reading, interpreting and experiencing abilities of receivers. The book tackles the contemporary practical questions that arise from attempts to transgress the boundaries between the established disciplines of arts studies. Considering first the theoretical aspects of interart, intermediality, and nonverbal literacy, Inter-Art Journey goes on to discuss by means of performance analysis, dialogues between the arts within a single work, and correspondences between visual and auditory stimuli in musical contexts. It concludes with a discussion of practical examples of intermediality in religious representations, official processions, and public performances.


Nurit Yaari is professor of theater studies at the Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of Arts at Tel Aviv University in Israel. She is the author of French Contemporary Theatre 1960–1992 and On Kings, Gypsies and Performers: The Theatre of Nissim Aloni; editor of On Interpretation in the Arts; and coauthor of The Man with the Myth in the Middle: The Theatre of Hanoch Levin.