Soup for All Occasions

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There are so many occasions when soup is just the right dish that New Covent Garden felt compelled to share some more of their secrets in this fourth collection of their recipes. Soup for All Occasions will provide you with novel ways to nourish children, satisfy a huge family gathering or impress dinner guests. A handful of recipes in this collection stretch the definition of a soup. Some are one-pot meals; others desserts or even breakfasts. But the majority are still what New Covent Garden do best—soups that are perfect for nutritious lunches, family picnics, Christmas parties, or informal dinners. You'll find inspiration here if you're stuck for a romantic idea for Valentine's Day, if you'll be spending the afternoon freezing on a touchline, or if your mom just announced she's coming round to visit. Whatever the occasion, there's a soup to match: easy to make, good to eat, and fun to serve.


The New Covent Garden Food Company was established in 1987 to bring quality, homemade soup to the shelves of our supermarkets. They remain the leading brand in fresh soup.