Blue Moon

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Ruby was beginning to worry. If the family was to survive, she would have to work out a way of keeping them all together. Everyone needed an anchor, and, from now on, that's what she would have to be. She'd keep her job, and get another one if necessary. Worthing, 1931: money is still tight following the Great Depression, and the Bateman family must all pull their weight to make ends meet. But this happy, hardworking family is shocked to their core when father Nelson dies tragically in a fishing accident. As they all handle their heartbreaking grief in different ways, brother Percy turns to the Black Shirts, who have recently started making trouble in the town. As the troubles escalate to violence, will he see right from wrong? It falls to Ruby, the daughter of the family, to hold them all together. But she has her own dreams for a life outside the seaside town, and a long-buried family secret may just upturn all her hard work. . .


Pam Weaver is a novelist and the author of Better Days Will Come, For Better For Worse, Pack Up Your Troubles, and There's Always Tomorrow.