Locked in Death

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When photographer and amateur PI Penny Lane calls at estate agent Larry Galleywood's house for a routine magazine interview, she is caught up in a locked room murder. A few hours later, a second death brings further complications. Are the murders linked? Why was the second body placed in the luggage box on Steve Easter's old BMW? Are the members of the Seasoned Scribe's writer's group involved in one or both murders? And how are the killings linked to a property scam that has stolen millions of Euros from vacationers in the Greek islands? To tackle these crimes Penny enlists the help of husband Josh and her colleague, Ryan Sharkey. The investigation is destined to reach a shocking, bruising conclusion. Will Penny survive it all?


John Paxton Sheriff is the author of The Clutches of Death, Deathly Suspense, Dying to Know You, and An Evil Reflection.