Chairman of the Whored
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Dark. Debauched. Delicious… Is she ready to go under his knife?

Leila Vaughn is a tax lawyer at a prestigious London law firm. And a whore. She didn’t take the night job just to pay off her debts– an affair with an older man once stirred a pit of darker desires. Now her year as an escort is almost over, she’s ready to lock up her alter- ego, Charlotte, and be normal once again. What’s bad is that her colleague, Matt, just caught her out. What’s worse is that their boss Joseph is with him.

Matt wants to rescue Leila. And she should want what he does–monogamy and escape from the city–if she’s going to be normal, right? But her boss is as familiar with the slippery world of escorting as she is, and that makes him hard to resist. In London‘s tightest circles, he’s known as the Chairman of the Whored. Bold, sharp and ruthless, he’s everything Leila is trying not to be–so why can’t she say no to him?

Three jobs left before she pays off her debt. Two men playing games she can’t handle. One alter-ego, banging against the mirror. In a dark hotel room, the glass is about to break…

WARNING: Contains clever lawyers with a penchant for violence, and an alter-ego like Tinkerbell on meth.