Australian Wildflower Reading Cards

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44 cards, plus a guidebook, provide guidance through native Australian Wildflower imagery and oracle teachings   Written with easy to understand instructions on how to connect and work with this magical card set, these unique cards include information on Australian flowers and their healing and guidance powers. Cheralyn Darcey's beautiful artwork features linocut with a water color paint finish. The guidebook features unique flower spreads for readings and a special card-of-the-day instructional that will delight those that love beautiful oracle tools and traditional artwork. In every card, on every page, in every word, in every picture the Australian wildflowers will speak to you—soul to soul. This card set is alive and its messages are clear, healing, joyful, and honest. Wherever you are in this world, the medicine of the Australian wildflowers, their messages and songs and profound healing powers are now in your hands.


Cheralyn Darcey is an environmental artist, flower therapist, and teacher. Her art has featured in workshops, exhibitions, art prizes, and publications internationally for the last 30 years. She was a selected Environmental Artist in Residence at the International Environment Convention 2011. She is a sought after Oracle reader and Tarot teacher, runs workshops in art and journaling techniques, and presents workshops using flowers to provide healing and guidance.