Hush, Hush!

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In this endearing companion to Kiss, Kiss!, Baby Hippo finds that taking a walk is sleepy work When Baby Hippo can't sleep he goes for a walk through the reeds and along the bog and over the rocks and through the willowy, wavy grass. On the way he discovers that all the animal moms and dads are hushing their babies to sleep. The gentle and rhythmic sounds will entertain, entrance, and, most importantly, promote sleep in toddlers everywhere.


Margaret Wild is an award-winning author who has written more than 40 novels and picture books for children, including Fox, Little Humpty, and Woolvs in the Sitee. Bridget Strevens-Marzo is the illustrator of The Big Book for Little Hands; How Do You Make a Baby Smile?Kiss, Kiss!; Knock, Knock!; and This Dog Bruce.