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This work of Latin American journalists documents and denounces the terrible cases of corruption and abuse of power that have occurred in Mexico (Carlos Salinas de Gortari), Nicaragua (Arnoldo Alemán), Costa Rica (Rafael Ángel Calderón and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez), Ecuador (Lucio Gutiérrez), Venezuela (Carlos Andrés Pérez), Peru (Alberto Fujimori), and Argentina (Carlos Menem). It is through these stories that the risky, day-to-day life of an investigative journalist in Latin America is brought to life.


Jorge González is a journalist, professor and the editor of El Siglo. He has twice been awarded the Simón Bolívar journalism award. Fernando Cárdenas Hernández is a journalist and professor. He has worked as an editor for various publications and collaborates with Rolling Stones, Cambio, and Gatopardo.