Digital Macro & Close-up Photography

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Welcome to the fascinating world of macro photography, where spectacular images are within the grasp of every photographer

It isn’t necessary to invest in equipment worth thousands to start taking impressive close-up images, nor do you need to travel far and wide to find interesting subjects. Completely revised and expanded, this book takes you on an incredible journey into the macro world where you can see insects that look like aliens, the hidden symmetries of plants, or the normally invisible workings of a machine blown-up to huge proportions. Technical terms, the basic techniques, and how to get the best from your camera are all explained in a direct and easy-to-follow way. Choosing your subjects, lighting them, and post-camera processing are all covered in the same accessible way, accompanied by stunning example shots and invaluable tips.


Ross Hoddinott is a multi award-winning photographer and one of the UK’s leading natural history and landscape photographers. He won the BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 1995, and his work has been regularly featured in photographic and wildlife magazines, including Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly, and BBC Wildlife. He has authored or coauthored several other books on photographic technique, including Digital Macro Photography, Landscape Photography WorkshopThe Pip Expanded Guide to the Nikon D200, and Wildlife Photography Workshop.