Cape Town Flavours and Traditions

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Spices that we add to our food every day without thinking, such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, were such a valuable commodity in the 15th century that they inspired fearless mariners to cross vast oceans in search of new routes to the spice-rich Orient. Knowing how many people died at sea due to scurvy, a Dutch doctor began to dream of supplying fresh food and water to passing ships. Soon the Cape became known as the “Tavern of the Seas,” as the sight of Table Mountain became the invitation to all traveling foodies to enjoy the treasures of the Cape table. Cape Town became a popular travel destination where food was celebrated and written about, and that trend is still alive. Today, Cape cuisine remains a fusion of styles and flavors of the various cultures that call this home. For more than three centuries, the Cape has continued to provide for the culinary needs of visitors from all parts of the world. Featuring unique South African recipes, Cape Town Flavours and Traditions takes readers on this culinary journey through the centuries.


Sophia Lindop is a food author, a food stylist, a photographer, and a private chef who teaches cooking from her home. She is a former registered tourist guide for the Western Cape and loves regaling visitors with the story of Cape Town over a plate of traditional food.