IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11

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The major features and functions of the 11th version of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS 11), IBM’s lead data server for high-volume database applications in nonmainframe environments, are explored and explained in this handy guidebook. Security technologies offered by IDS 11—such as Label-Based Access Control and nonpreemptable connect and disconnect routines—are addressed, as are its newly enhanced Enterprise Replication and High Availability Data Replication capabilities. Oriented for both small business users and large corporate IT departments alike, this is the ultimate reference to one of the most stable, speedy, and adaptable data servers available.


Carlton Doe is one of the five founders of the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) and has served as the IIUG president. He is the author of Administering Informix Dynamic Server on Windows NT and Informix: OnLine Dynamic Server Handbook. He lives in Dallas, Texas.