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An anthology of the famous and infamous after whom many hundreds of dishes have been named

With a lighthearted tone, this compilation pays homage to the food pioneers who had the foresight to mix ingredients together into favorite dishes and recipes that have stood the test of time—and the test of people's picky palates. Discover the Caesar Salad's unlikey origins in defiance of Prohibition, who the original Madeleine was before she captivated Proust, why Heinz's success owed so much to the occult as well as the petty, how Tarte Tatin was the chaotic result of flirting while cooking, and many other morsels of gastronomic history sure to delight and entertain. This amusing and compelling who's who will appeal to all foodies who are curious about the origins of their favorite dishes and desserts.


Robert Booth writes a regular food column and is the author of several books about food and drink.