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More About This Title LAL'S JAR


A story from the East
Once upon a time, a poor young man lived in one of the poor far villages of India. His job consists to carry the water from the river to a house at the top of the hill. It was a badly- paid work.
He used to fill his two jars with water hanging them on each side of a long piece of wood lying on his shoulders. His trip goes up where he empties the water then down to fill the jars again. And the trip goes this way up and down, down and up more than once a day. One day, he was carrying the jars as usual when he discovered that one jar was letting out water slowly all the way up “drop after drop after drop” .Once at the top, the jar was running out of water and Lal was angry. People used to hear him insulting his jar again and again.
Days, weeks, and months passed, and Lal’s jar was still letting out water. A new season come and suddenly people saw something unusual on Lal‘s way to the top. Everybody came to see, flowers grew up on one side of the way, that side where the jar was laying on Lal s shoulders when he goes up everyday.
Keywords: Perseverance, Judgment, Satisfaction.