Lazos de silencio

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A few days before her wedding, Miranda Saint James discovers that her fiancé, Stephen Callahan, is cheating on her with another woman. Hurt by his betrayal, she breaks off the engagement and offers her father, a powerful business man, to take over the grand opening of the new restaurant in Cape Elizabeth. The trip allows her space from Stephen, who becomes aggressive in his quest for forgiveness. Although she came to this new town as an escape, fate conspires against her when she has a disturbing encounter with a man on the side of the street who offers her work. Miranda can’t help but notice that this Nick Randall is a handsome, mysterious man. However, freeing herself from Stephen will be harder than she anticipated, since she is suddenly accused of murder. 


Andrea Milano is one of the leading novelists within the romantic genre in Argentina. She is the author of Pasado Imperfecto and has written other work under four pseudonyms.