Brian Banana Duck Sunshine Yellow

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The color yellow, in all of its manifestations, is the focus of this innovative and warm-hearted picture book about identity and belonging. Capturing the exceptional way a child sees the world, this story describes young Brian’s adventures during his weekend visits to his grandparents’ house, where he earns the three yellow-inspired nicknames: Banana, Duck, and Sunshine. The combination of realistic and fanciful scenarios will have young readers cheering along as Brian’s incredible imagination carries him to escalating adventures centered on his favorite hue. The story is enhanced by striking illustrations, making this tale a true celebration of everything yellow.


Chris McKimmie is the author, illustrator, and designer of eight children’s books, including Apple to Zoos, The Magic Day, and The Painted Bird.


"Captures the way a child see the world . . . truly original."  —The Buffalo News

"A playful world large enough to let young imaginations roam freely."  —Kirkus Reviews"Innovative and warm-hearted picture book."  —Georgia Family