Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home

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More About This Title Her Ladyship's Guide to Running One's Home


Her Ladyship turns her attention to a tricky area of modern life—how to run a home. Proper advice on burning domestic issues ranging from everyday housework and how to behave around house guests to dealing with cleaners and babysitters. Ever wondered how to fit the ironing into an already overcrowded schedule, or needed advice on how to deal with house guests whose political opinions you abhor? Her Ladyship dons the mantle of a modern Mrs. Beeton to provide the answers to these pressing domestic questions, and many more. In her trademark lightly humorous but always elegant style, she discusses important issues such as day-to-day housekeeping and routines (exactly how clean do you need to keep your house?), dealing effectively but graciously with "staff" (cleaners, au pairs, gardeners), how to avoid committing social faux pas when entertaining, and useful ideas for getting the children to help with the housework. The book is not aimed solely at people who live in large country houses, like Her Ladyship, but at anyone who feels in need of a bit of gentle guidance on running a home properly, whatever its size or type, while still coping with the demands of work, child care, and all the other perils of modern life.


Caroline Taggart has been an editor of non-fiction books for nearly 30 years. She is the author of The Classics: All You Need to Know, from Zeus's Throne to the Fall of Rome and I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School.