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More About This Title PLENTY FOR ALL


PLENTY FOR ALL describes how by careful & scientific study of our neighbourhood resources, we can create plenty, to provide for all the needs of the world's entire population. This science of dialogue and network with all the resources in our neighbourhood is illustrated with various examples, which we feel will be valuable to any experimenters. This book seeks to provide answers to the problems perplexing the entire world for the past whole century, in removing the Poverty from the entire world.


Shri S. A. Dabholkar (M. Sc.), was born in . He is an educationist of a unique kind. His efforts are to shape education as a tool for total change in the life situation of an average worker in rural areas. Realizing the limitations of a conventional academic system in which he played the part of a teacher for years, he left it to undertake the task if educating the farmers through demystification of science, adopting innovative non-formal methods of knowledge communication. He is recipient of many honors and awards.