La nutrición ortomolecular

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Cala H. Cervera reveals the common root that links health and diseases: our food. In this revised second edition, this book is full of advice to improve our health, offers treatment ideas for some of the most common physical and mental imbalances of today, and discusses conditions that conventional medicines fail to effectively cure. The author is a pioneer of "We are what we eat." This study explores orthomolecular nutrition—a revolutionary health concept based on the idea that illnesses appear when the body presents cellular nutritional imbalances—and explains how these illnesses can be treated and corrected.


Cala H. Cervera studied orthomolecular nutrition at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. In 1996, she collaborated in designing a nutrition program to help prevent health problems in adulthood in the book This Is Our Time by Angela Nuestatter. She regularly publishes in health magazines such as CuerpoMente, Info-Inca, Integral, Natura Medicatrix, and Vital, and she is the author of Candidiasis crónica.