Born to Freak

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Anyone seeking humorous and playful ways to embrace and accept their differences will welcome life coach Sarah Seidelmann's refreshing alphabetical celebration of individuality and eccentricity. Through her personal work and work with clients and groups, she had made connections between attention-deficit disorder, high sensitivity, Asperger's syndrome, autism, addicts of every kind (sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping), the depressed, the anxious, the manic, the intense, change agents, black sheep, adrenaline junkies, irrepressibles, rebels, bohemians, life pirates, bad asses, artists, innovators, performers, comedians, and healers . . . and concludes that everyone is born to freak! She argues that not everyone is supposed to fit in, but that seeing things differently, ruffling feathers, and returning balance to the world and its communities is the real reason for our natural variety. Through the use of creative abilities, healing presences, and eccentric gifts, people can discover their own wondrous inner multitudes. And by confessing her own strangeness and sharing tales of epic freaky awesomeness, she hopes that other irrepressible humans might get the memo earlier in their lives that they, too, are born to freak.


Sarah Seidelmann is a fourth-generation, board-certified physician turned shamanic healer and life coach. She is the author of What the Walrus Knows. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.