Die Welt aus Augsburg

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In the 18th century, Augsburg ranked as one of the most important European centers of map production. Map engraver Tobias Conrad Lotter, who started out working for his father-in-law Matthäus Seutter, was a highly skilled and renowned craftsman of his trade. After Seutter’s death, Lotter founded his own successful map publishing company, which was continued by his sons and grandsons. The finely engraved and visually appealing maps and atlases produced by Lotter’s company found a ready market and contributed significantly to the proliferation of geographic knowledge. Presenting some 80 examples from a private Augsburg collection, this book provides fascinating insights into the rich content of these artfully and lavishly illustrated old maps.


Michael Ritter is a research staff member of the Bayerischer Landesverein für Heimatpflege and the author of various publications on the history of Augsburg’s cartography.