Celebrating Cigars

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Celebrating Cigars illustrates more fine cigars, many in actual size, than any other book. It also has more superb color photos of state-of-the art accessories, humidors, and paraphernalia. And more than an illustrated survey, it is an entertaining read, with plenty of stories about cigar connoisseurs and their favorite smokes. Anwer Bati takes you through the history of cigars and how they are made before looking in detail, brand by brand, at all the world's great handmade cigars. The book continues with a fascinating miscellany of information, from experts' lists of best cigars to the author's practical tips on how to smoke. After a look at some of the most beautiful accessories and boxes, the book closes with the perfect accompaniment to your end-of-evening smoke: anecdotes from famous cigar smokers, from Mark Twain and Groucho Marx to Danny DeVito and John F. Kennedy—all of whom have had something witty and revealing to say about one of life's true pleasures.