The Literary Companion

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Within these pages are hundreds of facts and stories about reading and writing, from the earliest printed books to today’s bestsellers. You’ll find out why Lewis Carroll was once accused of being Jack the Ripper, the working title of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and what was in Hitler’s library. It is the only book about books you’ll ever need.


Ever wonder what happens to the 36,000 tennis balls used at the annual Wimbledon championships? Or what was on the menu at Henry IV’s coronation? Would you like to know how to master the Japanese art of packing a rucksack? Or how to say hello in 20 different languages? These delightfully eclectic, exceedingly collectable volumes are bursting with useful trivia and quirky facts to amuse and amaze. Pleasingly designed, eminently browsable, downright addictive.