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More About This Title Betrayed


The riveting tale of two honest and courageous police officers whose lives were nearly destroyed by the pressure, the danger, and the terrible isolation of living life undercover What is it really like to live as an undercover cop? Joe and Jessie joined the New South Police believing they could make a difference, but their whole lives became a lie. They were cops pretending to be criminals, targeting drug dealers, criminal gangs, and, worst of all, crooked police. Surviving on deceit and gut instinct, Joe and Jessie lived in a world of drugs, violence. and corruption. To all but their parents they were exactly what they seemed—a drug-dealing junkie and his girlfriend. When they could no longer endure the pressure, the danger, and the terrible isolation they quickly discovered just how alone they really were. More than a riveting true story of loyalty abused and courage betrayed, this is a searing expoé of a police system out of control, and of senior officers who, by putting secrecy above all else, destroyed the careers and nearly the lives of two honest cops.


Clive Small was an assistant commissioner of police at the time Joe and Jessie were working undercover. Tom Gilling is a highly regarded investigative journalist and fiction writer whose novels include The Adventures of Miles and Isabel and Seven Mile, both of which were New York Times Notable Books. They are the coauthors of Blood Money and Smack Express.