Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah

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In this witty and compelling tale of how the nation’s first and only Jewish Celebration beer came to fruition, founder Jeremy Cowan tells the story of Shmaltz Brewing’s evolution from an inside joke into a thriving and award-winning craft brewing company. Divulged are the small-business challenges and marketing strategies that helped Cowan go from hand-squeezing pomegranates and delivering beer in his grandmother’s Volvo to producing two of the most respected and unique craft beer brands in America: He'brew the Chosen Beer and Coney Island Craft Lagers. Included alongside the sage advice for entrepreneurs and the humorous personal anecdotes are suggested beer pairings for each chapter, a hangover rating system, and 16 pages of full-color photograph collages.


Jeremy Cowan is the founder and proprietor of Shmaltz Brewing Company, which annually produces more than 7,000 barrels of award-winning craft beer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and San Francisco. James Sullivan is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, a former staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and the author of The Hardest Working Man, Jeans, and Seven Dirty Words. He lives in Boston.


“While his sense of humor, Jeremy's schtick, is riotous and unforgettable, it is the trails encountered following his dream that make this book a memorable read. Enjoy the ride as much as one of Jeremy's beers.”  —Daniel Bradford, publisher, All About Beer magazine

“Jeremy Cowan combines the heart of a brewer with the soul of a two-thousand-year-old rabbinical mench in his new book Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah. A must read on how to get from there (a crazy dream) to here successfully in beer.”  —Tom Dalldorf, publisher, Celebrator Beer News

“Mixes comedic, self-deprecating anecdotes with general acts of badassery—which pretty much sums up the brands [Cowan] has created.”  —Jeff Cioletti, editor in chief, Beverage World magazine

“This man knows how to build a brand from scratch and reading his story is a fascinating, can't-put-the-book-down tale. Just don't read it from right to left.”  —Pete Slosberg, founder, Pete's Wicked Ale

“Hilariously mind-blowing”  —Alan Kaufman, author, Jew Boy