Women of the Land

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True, inspiring stories of eight ordinary women achieving extraordinary feats in rural Australia

Making a living from the land in Australia is not for the faint-hearted. Isolation, hard physical work, long hours, and the vagaries of drought, floods, and fire make it a challenging environment for any farmer. But how do women cope in what is traditionally a man's world? This collection brings together the heartwarming stories of eight rural women spread across Australia who run their own farms, capturing their ways of life, their personal struggles, and their remarkable achievements. Often juggling the demands of raising a family, they have overcome tragedy, personal fears, physical exhaustion, and more than a little skepticism to build vibrant futures that sustain them and their families. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all share several things in common—genuine humility, a passion for farming, and a deep, spiritual connection to the land which sustains them.


Liz Harfull is an award-winning journalist and author who lives and works in South Australia.