The Hitchcock Murders

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There's a serial killer on the loose—he's inspired by Hitchcock, and he's DCI Josa Jilani's problem There’s a psycho out there. He’s murdering a young woman every Tuesday, killing in gruesome ways identical to Hitchcock death scenes. Forced on a fast-track scheme for ethnic minority officers, Josa Jilani has been rocketed to Detective Superintendent with the London Met. But someone high up wants her to fail, and she's made senior investigating officer in the hunt for the serial killer. Out of her depth, scared, and with her reputation and livelihood on the line, she's determined to stop the murders. The body count is mounting and Josa has one week to catch the killer, save a life, rescue her career, and try to protect her family. She takes a gamble and hauls a legendary criminologist out of his self-imposed hermitage. Daniel Blake used to help the police before disappearing five years earlier. With the volatile and charismatic Blake by her side, she'll raise Cain to make her week count, stop the murderer, revenge the victims, and prove to herself and the world that she is good enough and deserving of the promotion.


Gavin Collinson is Doctor Who’s digital producer, writing news items and short stories which are accessed by more than one million people every month.