Buller's Birds of New Zealand

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New Zealand’s best-loved birds come alive in luminous color in Buller’s Birds of New Zealand: The Complete Work of JG Keulemans. This beautiful new edition—now in a smaller, more accessible format—presents the full set of these cherished 19th-century artworks created by JG Keulemans for A History of the Birds of New Zealand by Walter Buller. With a foreword by Stephen Fry and an introduction that traces the history of ornithological painting and tells the story of Buller and his talented artist, this definitive book will appeal to all those who love New Zealand’s unique avifauna.


Geoff Norman is the author of the previous edition of Buller’s Birds of New Zealand and has worked in publishing for more than 25 years. He is a hiker and ecologist and holds qualifications in science and environmental studies.